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Procedures for Astigmatism Eye Surgery

Many people need astigmatism eye surgery because they have some kind of vision problem that is mostly associated with astigmatism. Astigmatism is a mild medical condition that occurs due to a slight distortion of the curvature of the eye lens or the cornea. This distortion causes blurred vision and it prevents the eye from focusing on an object. Farsighted or nearsighted people usually suffer from it more than those without vision problems do. Fortunately, this condition is very treatable.

Procedures for astigmatism eye surgery

  • Corrective lenses

An Overview of Astigmatism Eye SurgeryMost of the time, corrective lenses like contact lenses or eyeglasses are used for the treatment of astigmatism. These corrective lenses can counteract the shape of the cornea, which is irregular. Ortho-K or orthokeratology, which changes the shape of the cornea by making use of contact lenses, is another procedure for treating this condition. You are only supposed to use your contact lenses during the night when you undergo the ortho-K procedure. The shape of the cornea changes gradually when you do this.

  • Refractive eye surgery

Correction Yourvision With Eye Surgery AstigmatismThis eye surgery astigmatism, which makes the shape of the eye to change permanently, is used for the permanent treatment of astigmatism. Ophthalmologists use many types of corrective eye surgery astigmatism to treat this condition. They previously used a procedure known as AK or astigmatic keratotomy to change the shape of the cornea by cutting it. However, they rarely use AK nowadays owing to the advent of novel refractive eye surgery methods and excimer lasers. The risk of complications has decreased significantly because of newer refractive eye surgery methods. Both patients and ophthalmologists prefer these techniques because the results they have produced are better.

A Hard Look On Astigmatism Laser Eye SurgeryNowadays, LASIK, which involves the creation of a corneal flap and alters the shape of the cornea of your eye by using an excimer laser, is the most commonly used refractive eye surgery for the treatment of astigmatism. PRK, which requires ophthalmologists to ablate only the surface of the eye, is another refractive eye surgery that is used for the treatment of astigmatism. However, they rarely use PRK nowadays. LASEK, which requires ophthalmologists to open a thin layer of your cornea in order to allow the laser to ablate the layers that are underneath, is among the newer types of refractive eye surgery.

Ophthalmologists can use surgical or non-surgical techniques to treat astigmatism. You should find out about the laser eye surgery risks and benefits by asking your ophthalmologist.

The cost of astigmatism eye surgery – Is it still too high?

Find The Best Corrective Eye Surgery AstigmatismAstigmatism surgery is very expensive and no insurance plan covers it. For this reason, you should make a decision only after carrying out extensive research and thinking carefully about it. Various factors largely determine the cost of astigmatism laser eye surgery. You should therefore make your scheduled surgery appointment only after reading the fine print and asking questions. You should know beforehand instead of waiting until you get the bill.

Choosing to use the traditional technique or one of the many other more detailed methods is among the most important issues that you should consider. Either way, ophthalmologists have used them for many years and hence, they are very safe. However, this is simply an example of some of the various options that will largely determine the cost of astigmatism eye surgery.

There has been a steady decline in the average cost of astigmatism eye surgery over the past few years most probably owing to the poor economy. If you prefer it, you should remember that its cost is higher if your astigmatism is worse. The post-operative medications as well as follow up appointments are the last factor that you should consider when you want to determine its overall cost.


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