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Myopia Laser Surgery

Myopia, more commonly known as short sightedness, is a hereditary condition that develops through the teen years. It is characterized by the eye having a too much of a strong focus that objects in the distance appear blurred but when close up can be seen clearly. For a long time, people that have suffered from this condition had to persevere with it or secure the assistance of glasses and contact lenses that would attempt to counteract the effect for better vision but now there is myopia laser surgery.

Understanding the procedure

Risks About Laser Eye Surgery

Better known as LASIK surgery, laser surgery for myopia is a process that provides at times a permanent solution to patients instead of having to wear glasses or contact lenses. By going through this process, the cornea is made thinner at the center to help reduce the focusing power. By doing this, the surgeon is able to rectify the focus which means that one is able to now see things as a normal person would. It is a simple and effective process that can be carried out on almost any patient.


Overview about Laser Eye Surgery For MyopiaIn the year 2006, it was estimated the chances of a patient suffering from any laser eye surgery risks were 1 in 10,000. This is way lower than the projected 1 in 100 of people that were lenses and 1 in 2000 that stand a chance of losing their sight due to the infections that rise from wearing lenses. Because of this, this procedure is considered very safe and also very convenient. However, after the procedure, patient may suffer from the dry eyes either for a short period or for a pro-longed period of time but this can still be curbed. The patient may also suffer from halos, and other complications that include flap complication, slipped flap or subconjunctival hemorrhage. However, these are minor complications that overtime wear off or can be attended to if the patient finds them becoming a nuisance.


Advantages of this procedure

Its All About Myopia Laser Eye SurgeryThe prime objective of this procedure is to help the patient see properly without the use of glasses or lenses or any other sight accessories. If myopia laser surgery is successful, this happens to be the greatest benefit of the surgery. It also has a very high success rate and it helps cut back on the expenses of having to replace glasses or maintaining them. Laser eye surgery for myopia is also associated with very little pain. That is why it is preferred by very many people.

Almost immediately after the procedure or the day after, the patient is able to see properly. This means that myopia laser eye surgery has a very short recovery period. It does not require stitches or bandages and no blood is involved. Better yet, after the procedure has been carried out, further correction to improve eyesight can still be done in the future.

Information about Laser Surgery For MyopiaThe fact that it has a high recovery rate and does not take a lot of time means that the patient does not lose a lot of work hours that are very important considering the expense implications that this procedure carries. It is therefore ideal since you can go back to your normal life almost instantly.

Myopia laser surgery is a favorite of many patients. Even though it has a high price tag depending on the extent of correction, the advantages that come along with this procedure are too attractive for anyone to overlook. The great success rate that has been posted at 80% has also made myopia laser surgery a favorite for many patients that want a lasting solution to their problem and one that is permanent.

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