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We cover all of the laser eye surgery risks they don't tell you, including LASIK complications, side effects of laser eye surgery, eye problems that can lead to requiring laser eye surgery, and information about the best eye surgeons to see, should you require their services.

Important Information About The Types Of Laser Surgery

There are many types of laser surgery that can be utilized in the field of health and beauty to address various skin diseases, perform eye surgery, skin tightening, hair removal, overcome baldness, and several others. Laser surgery is preferred by many people, especially by women as it gives perfect results and fast. The technology of laser surgery has been known since decades ago, and continues to be developed until today. Currently, almost all modern beauty clinic such as Edina Plastic surgery, use these laser surgery in their beauty treatments.

Laser Surgical Procedures

  • Preparation for the surgery
  • The actual surgery
  • Post surgery treatment
  • Restoration

Know About The Types Of Laser SurgeryBroadly speaking, every types of laser surgery have the same or almost similar procedures. The preparation will take approximately two weeks. During preparation, the patient should not be exposed to sunlight. Therefore, patients are prohibited to engage in activities that allow exposure to sunlight such as sunbathing, surfing, beach sports and other outdoor activities. Every time the patient leaves the house, he/she is required to use sunscreen to prevent direct exposure to UV light.

Learn About The Types Of Laser SurgeryThe surgery commences by cleaning the part that will undergo surgery. Afterwards, local anesthetics will be injected. During surgery, the patient will be given special eyeglasses to protect the patient’s eye. Then the patient will be given a cold compress and sunscreen. Within the recovery period, it is also recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen usage is recommended whenever going out.

Different Types Of Laser Surgery

  • Carbon Dioxide
    This laser has a very powerful energy and has the ability to cut the tissue. It also has the ability to stop bleeding due to the coagulation effect.
  • Nd:YAG
    This laser has the ability to penetrate deeper tissue and can freeze the blood quickly. They are widely used in various beauty and skin care clinics. Nd:YAG has a number of benefits for skin care which includes inhibiting metabolism and collagen production. This laser is also often used to remove tattoo.
  • ArgonLaser Eye Surger For Cataracts
    This laser has limited penetration ability. Often used for eye surgery, to overcome skin diseases and destroy tumors.
  • IPL
    This type uses light at various wavelengths. It also allows variety of targets and wider area of coverage. The IPL also provides faster results.
  • Pulse Dye Laser
    Pulse dye laser is one of the types of laser surgery that is often used to treat vascular disorders. This laser can overcome the enlarged blood vessels near the surface of the skin and mucous membranes.



Popular Usage Of Laser Surgery

  • Skin care
  • Tighten the skin
  • Acne treatment
  • Coping with baldness
  • Removing tattoos
  • Anti aging
  • Coping with cellulite
  • Hair care and removal
  • Addressing a variety of diseases such as tumor, eye surgery, kidney stones and several others

Trusted Edina Plastic Neck Lift SurgeryUntil recently, the technology of laser surgery continues to be developed. Laser surgery has a number of advantages compare to other surgical methods. This surgery does not cause bleeding because they have the effect of coagulation that can stop the bleeding. Various types of laser surgery including cataract surgery have been continuously being developed and utilized in the field of health and beauty. Laser surgery is also considered safer than other surgical method with a higher success rate.

The advancement of technology and the continuing research and development in the medical field make surgeries more efficient and painless in some procedures. When people hear surgery, it can be a very stressful situation for them. So if you think you need surgery or your loved one need a surgery, you must have sought second or third opinion from other doctors about your medical case. More often than not, some doctors have other treatment methods other than what you are currently following.



Laser Eye Surgery Risks for Clearer Vision

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The idea to be able to see a lot more clearly or the possibility of having a better vision without wearing glasses and eye contacts for people who have been wearing them for many years is exciting.  Doctors have adopted new surgical techniques to correct eyesight. Laser surgery cures a number of eye ailments.  It involves different procedures used to correct a range of conditions like short sight (myopia)long sight (hypermetropia) and astigmatism.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Facts About Laser Eye Surgery Risks

The advantage of laser eye surgery over eye glasses and contacts is, it will give you a perfect or near perfect vision. In cases like severe nearsightedness or astigmatism, eye glasses rims may limit your peripheral vision, it will give you a distorted view of your surroundings and it’s difficult to find comfortable frames. Using contact lens everyday may increase corneal infection risk.

Contacts can cause corneal shape distortion which may be difficult to treat. It can also cause eye irritation which can be caused by contact lens materials and solutions. If this happens, some people may not be able to wear their lenses due to discomforts and dryness. Using glasses or contacts can be difficult where physical work is required. During emergency situation, hunting your glasses or contacts maybe impractical, because you need to rely on your own blurry vision and could be very dangerous.

Laser eye surgery risks are treatments known to people who want painless procedure to cure their eye conditions and to be free from wearing contact lenses and glasses forever.  The surgery should be done by a well-trained medical professional to avoid laser eye surgery risks. If not properly done by a medical professional, it will result complications to your eyes. But, most complications are not serious and many patients around the world are satisfied with the results after the surgery and now living with better vision.

The Cost Of Laser Eye SurgeryMany people with eye sight problems are reluctant to undergo laser eye surgery because if the associated risks.  In every surgical procedure, there are risks. Laser eye surgery requires careful preparation before the procedure and care afterwards.  The doctor will perform a general examination to determine if you are fit for eye surgery.  If you are using contacts, it is recommended to stop using them and use glasses for a couple of weeks before the examination. It is also recommended that you don’t use creams, lotions and make-ups before the surgery. They increase the risk of infection during and after the surgical procedure.

Before undertaking a laser surgery, it is important to understand the associated eye laser surgery risks.  Complication varies between different clinics and surgeons. It is important to realize that majority of complications can be rectified by skilled surgeons during the recovery period.

Common Complications of Laser Eye Surgery

  • Night vision impairment – inability to see at night is caused by glare. Many people have experienced this when driving at night, particularly after treatment. Medical professional usually advise not to drive for a week after surgery.The Risks, Benefits And Side Effects Of Risks Of Laser Eye Surgery
  • Dry eyes – Dry eyes can cause stinging, watery symptoms and burning. In the months after the surgery, some people have problems with dry eyes. It can be medicated by lubricating eye drops or artificial tear supplements and usually clears vision up within 3- 6 months.
  • Eye Infection – Infection is usually caused by dust or bacteria that enter the eyes during the operation. This will cause a blurry vision and severe pain for the patient after the surgery. Infection is extremely rare and antibiotic eye drops can be used as treatment.
  • Corneal Flap Complication – Flap complication usually happens if you don’t choose well-trained medical professional who uses substandard equipment.
  • Developing cells – This is cause by trapped debris; usually surface cells grow beneath the corneal flap after the surgery. To correct it, additional surgery advised.
  • Short-lived loss of vision – Visual disorder usually occurs a week after the treatment and it progressively clears during the restorative process.

Laser eye surgery risks can be reduced by choosing the right medical professional that will correct your eye problems and by following doctor’s instructions. Let your doctor discuss with you the different methods and procedures of correcting your eye vision. Also, be sure to discuss possible dangers and side effects with your doctor. Complete eye examination is required before the procedure to make sure your eyes are healthy. Consent form will be signed by you to confirm you understand the procedure, possible risks and benefits, possible complications and alternative options.

Pre-Surgery FAQs

Questions you should ask to your eye doctor before going through the surgery:

  • Do you think this is the best eye surgery?
  • What procedures are you going to take?
  • What type of medical equipment are you going to use?
  • How long would the procedure take?
  • What are the possible risks, side effects, complications and benefits?
  • How long is the recovery process?
  • Are there any long-term medications after the surgery?
  • Are there the possible options to be taken if the procedure doesn’t work? Is it free of cost?

Similar to any medical procedure, laser eye surgery cost is mostly reflected by the technology they use, the patient care level they offer and the surgeon’s quality and experience.  It also varies on the safest and best procedure for you. You only get what you pay for.

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

The price may vary from different factors:

  • Laser Treatment – It depends on the procedure that the eye surgeon will use or the type of laser to be use.Details About Eye Laser Surgery Risks
  • Medical practitioner – The laser eye surgery cost is influenced by the pedigree of your surgeon. Higher costs are charged by the most skilled and experienced practitioners. Also the pricing of the surgeon depends on the location.
  • Clinic – Reputed clinics that have the latest equipment more likely charged higher prices. Most clinics offer free consultation and takes deposit before the surgery and this will add up to the cost. Facility cost is always included in the surgery.
  • Medication – all surgery and recovery medications.
  • Patient’s insurance – most companies don not cover the cost, because they consider the procedure as cosmetic.
  • Aftercare cost – It includes all after care treatment and medications. Higher costs are charged for higher prescription if you have an existing eye care.
  • Additional cost –In case you are not satisfied with the surgical result, some clinics charge extra to the quoted price.
  • Initial Evaluation
  • Eye Examination (time and equipment)
  • Post-surgery follow-ups
  • Post-surgery tests
  • Medications
  • Surgeon and facility fees
  • Touch-up(enhancement procedure)
  • Location – pricing may vary from location depending on pricing trends


Factors Involved in Determining Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Prior to the procedure, discuss fees with your surgeon and ask:

  • What is the cost of the whole procedure?
  • What is included and what is not?
  • If complications occur, how much will you pay?
  • How much medical prescription costs?
  • If temporary eye contacts or eye glasses need after the surgery, how much does it cost?
  • How many follow-up checkups needed to be taken after the surgery until it heals?


Final Words

Improving your vision is priceless, but in today’s time, it pays to be practical.  If you are in a tight budget and want the best quality laser eye surgery, find a reputed clinic with a qualified surgeon. It can be very helpful to determine your options and which procedure is best for you.

Myopia Laser Surgery

Myopia, more commonly known as short sightedness, is a hereditary condition that develops through the teen years. It is characterized by the eye having a too much of a strong focus that objects in the distance appear blurred but when close up can be seen clearly. For a long time, people that have suffered from this condition had to persevere with it or secure the assistance of glasses and contact lenses that would attempt to counteract the effect for better vision but now there is myopia laser surgery.

Understanding the procedure

Risks About Laser Eye Surgery

Better known as LASIK surgery, laser surgery for myopia is a process that provides at times a permanent solution to patients instead of having to wear glasses or contact lenses. By going through this process, the cornea is made thinner at the center to help reduce the focusing power. By doing this, the surgeon is able to rectify the focus which means that one is able to now see things as a normal person would. It is a simple and effective process that can be carried out on almost any patient.


Overview about Laser Eye Surgery For MyopiaIn the year 2006, it was estimated the chances of a patient suffering from any laser eye surgery risks were 1 in 10,000. This is way lower than the projected 1 in 100 of people that were lenses and 1 in 2000 that stand a chance of losing their sight due to the infections that rise from wearing lenses. Because of this, this procedure is considered very safe and also very convenient. However, after the procedure, patient may suffer from the dry eyes either for a short period or for a pro-longed period of time but this can still be curbed. The patient may also suffer from halos, and other complications that include flap complication, slipped flap or subconjunctival hemorrhage. However, these are minor complications that overtime wear off or can be attended to if the patient finds them becoming a nuisance.


Advantages of this procedure

Its All About Myopia Laser Eye SurgeryThe prime objective of this procedure is to help the patient see properly without the use of glasses or lenses or any other sight accessories. If myopia laser surgery is successful, this happens to be the greatest benefit of the surgery. It also has a very high success rate and it helps cut back on the expenses of having to replace glasses or maintaining them. Laser eye surgery for myopia is also associated with very little pain. That is why it is preferred by very many people.

Almost immediately after the procedure or the day after, the patient is able to see properly. This means that myopia laser eye surgery has a very short recovery period. It does not require stitches or bandages and no blood is involved. Better yet, after the procedure has been carried out, further correction to improve eyesight can still be done in the future.

Information about Laser Surgery For MyopiaThe fact that it has a high recovery rate and does not take a lot of time means that the patient does not lose a lot of work hours that are very important considering the expense implications that this procedure carries. It is therefore ideal since you can go back to your normal life almost instantly.

Myopia laser surgery is a favorite of many patients. Even though it has a high price tag depending on the extent of correction, the advantages that come along with this procedure are too attractive for anyone to overlook. The great success rate that has been posted at 80% has also made myopia laser surgery a favorite for many patients that want a lasting solution to their problem and one that is permanent.