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Advantages and Disadvantages of Permanent Hair Removal

In the quest to enhance beauty, both men and women have resorted to permanent hair removal. Beauty is one thing that people are willing to spend so much on. Most people strive to enhance their beauty by using current technological devices that have proved to be more efficient than the old ways of acquiring beauty.
What are Permanent Hair Removal Side EffectsThey remove their hair permanently by using laser devices that destroys the root of the hair. Of interest here is to look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of this process in comparison to the others ways which involved shaving and waxing.


There are many advantages that come with permanent hair removal. They are as follows:

  • Speed and Efficient

This is due to the precision of the laser. The process is done in a matter of minutes and is very efficient because it clears all the unwanted hair from the body.

  •  Precision

The laser only targets selected zones leaving the surrounding parts free from the laser effect. The precision of the laser is one good advantage that gives somebody an assurance of quality.

  •  Convenient About Permanent Hair Removal Machines Home Use

The laser machines are readily available and they offer so much convenience to users. There are permanent hair removal machines home use that can be used at the comfort of an individual’s home.

  • Painless

The process is less painful to the user. Another thing is that the process is bloodless and therefore there is no danger of losing blood.

  • Success stories

It is reported that ninety percent of those using the laser devices lose their hair completely after an average of three to five active sessions of performing the laser treatment. Therefore the chance of an individual being part of the success story is very high.

 From the above advantages, one can derive that laser process for permanent hair removal is very efficient and worth giving a try. But as it known, every good thing must have its negative side. There are disadvantages of using laser devices as a way of permanently removing hair.


Some of the disadvantages of using laser devices include:

  •  Expensive

The laser treatment is very expensive. This becomes a disadvantage because not everybody can afford to undergo the treatment. Therefore do not accommodate those who cannot afford.

  •  Eye Risk

An individual may suffer from laser eye surgery risk due to the laser beam that is so intense. This means that the future vision of an individual undergoing laser treatment may be at a great risk.

  •  Unforeseen Side Effects Overview About Laser Eye Surgery Risks

There are unforeseen laser eye surgery risks that are associated with laser treatment that should not be ignored. It being an electronic process, there is no full guarantee of everything going on smoothly even after the treatment. Some of these side effects include migraines, itching, blistering and infection among others. It is therefore evident that permanent hair removal side effects are very real and precaution should be taken, more especially to those with sensitive skin.

  • Treatment Result is Not Same to All

The result of removing hair is usually not same to everybody. This is to mean that the process is selective. Those with more melanin are more advantaged than those with less melanin because the laser targets melanin. This is a disadvantage because people are not treated on an equal ground.

  • The Process Must be Repeated For Effectiveness Discover Permanent Hair Removal

The laser process has to be repeated severally in a certain area in order to remove hair from that specific area. The treatment can be done for over five times.

From the above listed advantages and disadvantages, one can clearly make a decision on permanent hair removal before undergoing the laser treatment. Important to be noted is that those suffering from diseases such as cancer and diabetes should consult their doctors before doing the treatment.

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